About Us

We wanted to take a moment and tell you about us and the exciting adventure we are on together - Cactus Cudlz. 

We are Tiffany Orvin and Kortney Manning and we have not only been best friends, but also business partners and neighbors for over a decade. We each have 3 kids and together with our husbands, have enjoyed many family adventures through the years. Although not natives, it didn't take us long to fall in love with our home state of Arizona.  

Cactus Cudlz blankets are inspired by our love of design and comfort. Living in the Arizona desert has also given us a deep love for the desert landscape, especially cactus.  We love the state so much, we thought it would be fun to name each of our blankets after cities in Arizona.

We are excited to let you feel and be part of our brand in person. We are locally owned and operated out of Queen Creek, Arizona and all of our adult swaddle blankets are handmade. 

We love this adventure we are on together and hope you’ll love all of our products as much as we do!